Saturday, February 8, 2014

Complete List of Music Reviews, H-Q (with links)

I've been keeping a list of all my articles, with links to each of them.  Because of its length, I am splitting the list into several blog entries.  This entry  covers bands and artists H-Q.  I will be adding to these each time I post a review.

Andy Hall And Roosevelt Collier
- Andy Hall And Roosevelt Collier: "Let The Steel Play" CD review

Carl Hall
- Carl Hall: "You Don't Know Nothing About Love" CD review

The Hangabouts
- The Hangabouts: "Kits And Cats And Saxon Wives" CD review

Hardin Burns
- Hardin Burns: "Down The Deep Well" CD review

Brett Harris
- Brett Harris: "Up In The Air" CD review

Kim Harris
- Kim Harris: "Only The Mighty" CD review

Lafayette Harris, Jr.
- Lafayette Harris, Jr.: "Hangin' With The Big Boys" CD review
- Lafayette Harris, Jr. Trio: "Bend To The Light" CD review

Mickey Hart
- Innovators In Music: Mickey Hart DVD review

Colin Hay
- Colin Hay: "Fierce Mercy" CD review

The Heaters
- The Heaters: "American Dream: The Portastudio Recordings" CD review

The Heavy Guilt
- The Heavy Guilt: "In The Blood" CD review

Judy Henske And Jerry Yester
- Judy Henske And Jerry Yester: "Farewell Aldebaran" CD review

Jake Hertzog
- Jake Hertzog: "Throwback" CD review

Richard X. Heyman
- Richard X. Heyman: "Tiers/And Other Stories" CD review

Dan Hicks And The Hot Licks
- Dan Hicks And The Hot Licks: "Crazy For Christmas" CD review

The Highballers
- The Highballers: "The Highballers" CD review
- The Highballers: "Soft Music And Hard Liquor" CD review

Erin Hill
- Erin Hill: "Christmas Harp" CD review

Chris Hillman
- Chris Hillman: "The Asylum Years" CD review

Peter Himmelman
- Peter Himmelman at The Federal Bar, 7-20-14 Concert review
- Peter Himmelman: "The Boat That Carries Us" CD review

AJ Hobbs
- AJ Hobbs: "Too Much Is Never Enough" CD review

Tim Hockenberry
- Tim Hockenberry: "Tim Hockenberry" CD review

Billie Holiday
- Mister And Lady Day: Billie Holiday And The Dog Who Loved Her book review

Bob Holz
- Bob Holz: "Visions: Coast To Coast Connection" CD review

Honey County
- Honey County at The Federal Bar, 10-5-14

The Honeycutters
- Amanda Anne Platt And The Honeycutters: "Amanda Anne Platt And The Honeycutters" CD review
- The Honeycutters: "On The Ropes" CD review

Hot Club Of Cowtown
- Hot Club Of Cowtown in Burbank, 4-19-13 Photos
- Hot Club Of Cowtown: "Rendezvous In Rhythm" CD review
- Hot Club Of Cowtown: "What Makes Bob Holler" CD review

James Houlahan
- James Houlahan: "Multitudes" CD review

Dylan Howe
- Dylan Howe: "Subterranean: New Designs On Bowie's Berlin" CD review

Christian Howes
- Christian Howes: "American Spirit" CD review

The Howlin' Brothers
- The Howlin' Brothers: "Howl" CD review
- The Howlin' Brothers - Some Thoughts While Listening To "Long Hard Year"
- The Howlin' Brothers: "The Sun Studio Session" CD review
- The Howlin' Brothers: "Trouble" CD review

Ray Wylie Hubbard
- Ray Wylie Hubbard: "The Ruffian's Misfortune"

The Eric Hughes Band
- The Eric Hughes Band: "Meet Me In Memphis" CD review

Shannon Hurley
- Shannon Hurley at The Hotel Cafe 8-31-11 concert review

Holly Hyatt And Jon Burden
- Holly Hyatt And Jon Burden: "Shufflin' The Blues" CD review

I See Hawks In L.A.
- I See Hawks In L.A. at The Hi Hat, 2-14-17 Concert Review
- I See Hawks In L.A. at The Hi Hat, 2-21-17 Concert Review
- I See Hawks In L.A.: "Mystery Drug" CD review
- I See Hawks In L.A.: "New Kind Of Lonely" CD review
- I See Hawks In L.A.: "Shoulda Been Gold" CD review

The Ides Of March
- The Ides Of March: "Vehicle" CD review

Jim Infantino
- Jim Infantino: "Strawman" CD review

Corey Isenor
- Corey Isenor: "A Painted Portrait (Of The Classic Ruse)" CD review

Kate Jacobs
- Kate Jacobs: "Home Game" CD review

Megan Jacobs
- Megan Jacobs and Holland Greco at The Sunset Strip Music Festival, 8-19-11

Sidney Jacobs
- Sidney Jacobs: "First Man" CD review

Sarah Jaffe
- Sarah Jaffe at The Hotel Cafe, 12/17/13

Teresa James And The Rhythm Tramps
- Teresa James And The Rhythm Tramps: "Bonafide" CD review

Jan And Dean
- Jan And Dean: "Filet Of Soul Redux: The Rejected Master Recordings" CD review

The Jayhawks
- The Jayhawks at The Fonda Theatre, 1-10-15 Concert Review

JD And The Straight Shot
- JD And The Straight Shot: "Ballyhoo!" CD review

Jefferson Airplane
- Jefferson Airplane: "Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 10/15/66 Late Show - Signe's Farewell" CD review
- Jefferson Airplane: "Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 10/16/66 Early & Late Shows - Grace's Debut" CD review
- Jefferson Airplane: "Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 11/25/66/ & 11/27/66 - We Have Ignition" CD review
- Jefferson Airplane: "Return To The Matrix 02/01/68" CD review
- New Jefferson Airplane Albums To Be Released

Jefferson Starship
- Jefferson Starship: "Live In Central Park NYC May 12, 1975" CD review

Lew Jetton
- Lew Jetton And 61 South: "Palestine Blues" CD review
- Lew Jetton And 61 South: "Rain" CD review

Jim's Big Ego
- Jim's Big Ego at Amazing Things Arts Center, 6-1-13 concert review
- Jim's Big Ego: "Stay" CD review

Billy Joel
- Billy Joel: "Streetlife Serenade" CD review

Steve Johns
- Steve Johns: "Family" CD review

Samuel Jonathan Johnson
- Samuel Jonathan Johnson: "My Music"

Freedy Johnston
- Freedy Johnston: "Rain On The City" CD review

Diana Jones
- Diana Jones: "High Atmosphere" CD review

Janis Joplin
- Janis: Little Girl Blue DVD review

Jerry Joseph
- Jerry Joseph: "By The Time Your Rocket Gets To Mars" CD review

Juliet And The Lonesome Romeos
- Juliet And The Lonesome Romeos: "No Regrets" CD review

Tony Kadleck
- Tony Kadleck Big Band: "Around The Horn" CD review

Ted Russell Kamp
- Ted Russell Kamp: "Flying Solo" CD review
- Ted Russell Kamp: "Get Back To The Land" CD review
- Ted Russell Kamp: "The Low And Lonesome Sound" CD review

- Kanary: "Haunted" CD review

James Gilroy Kane
- James Gilroy Kane: "AMFIMINAL" CD review

Larry Keel
- Larry Keel: "Experienced" CD review

Tommy Keene
- Tommy Keene: "Behind The Parade" CD review

Cassie Keenum And Rick Randlett
- Cassie Keenum And Rick Randlett: "Hauntings" CD review

Old Man Kelly
- Old Man Kelly: "Off My Lawn" CD review

Paul Kelly
- Paul Kelly at The Federal Bar, 10-22-17 concert review
- Paul Kelly: "Greatest Hits: Songs From The South Volumes 1 & 2" CD review
- Paul Kelly: "Life Is Fine" CD review
- Paul Kelly: "The Merri Soul Sessions: CD review
- Paul Kelly: "Seven Sonnets And A Song" CD review
- Paul Kelly: "Spring And Fall" CD review
- Paul Kelly And Charlie Owen at The Hotel Cafe concert review
- Paul Kelly And Charlie Owen: "Death's Dateless Night" CD review

Kelly's Lot
- Kelly's Lot: "Bittersweet" CD review
- Kelly's Lot: "The Light" CD review
- Kelly's Lot: "Live In Brussels" CD review
- Kelly's Lot: "Pastrami & Jam" CD review
- Kelly's Lot: "Plain Simple Me" CD review

Eddie Kendricks
- Eddie Kendricks: "Love Keys" CD review

Lesley Kernochan
- Lesley Kernochan: "A Calm Sun" CD review

Tom Killner
- Tom Killner: "Live" CD review

Albert King
- Albert King: "Born Under A Bad Sign" CD review
- Albert King: "The Definitive Albert King On Stax" CD review
- Albert King: "I'll Play The Blues For You" CD review

Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan
- Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan: "In Session" DVD/CD review

Carole King
- Carole King: "Pearls: Songs Of Goffin And King" CD review
- Carole King: "Simple Things" CD review
- Carole King: "Touch The Sky" CD review
- Carole King: "Welcome Home" CD review

King Teddy
- King Teddy: "Stirred And Shaken" CD review
- King Teddy: "A Very Teddy Christmas" EP review

The Kingbees
- The Kingbees: "The Big Rock" CD review
- The Kingbees: "The Kingbees" CD review

The Kingston Trio
- The Kingston Trio: "The Last Month Of The Year" CD review

The Brian Kinler Band
- The Brian Kinler Band at M Bar, 6-23-12
- The Brian Kinler Band At Vitello's - Concert Review
- The Brian Kinler Band at Vitello's, 7-23-17 Concert Review
- The Brian Kinler Band: "Euphoric" CD review
- The Brian Kinler Band: "Not Your Everyday Amateur" CD review
- The Brian Kinler Band Performs At Kulak's Woodshed, 8-21-15
- The Brian Kinler Band Performs At M Bar In Hollywood, 10-3-10
- The Brian Kinler Band: "Stories From The Quarter" CD review
- The Brian Kinler Band featuring Francesca Capasso: "The Race Against Time" CD review
- Interview With Brian Kinler

Bill Kirchen
- Bill Kirchen: "Seeds And Stems" CD review

The Knack
- The Knack: "Live From The Rock 'N' Roll Fun House" CD review
- The Knack: "Normal As The Next Guy" CD review
- The Knack: "Zoom" CD review

Terry Knight And The Pack
- Terry Knight And The Pack: "Terry Knight And The Pack/Reflections" CD review

Mick Kolassa
- Mick Kolassa And Friends: "Double Standards" CD review
- Mick Kolassa And Mark Telesca: "You Can't Do That!" CD review

Lefteris Kordis
- Lefteris Kordis: "Mediterrana (Goddess Of Light)" CD review

Leo Kottke
- Leo Kottke's Dunk Tank Summer Camp

The Robert Kraft Trio
- The Robert Kraft Trio: "I Gotta Have You" record review

Jane Kramer
- Jane Kramer: "Carnival Of Hopes" CD review

Amanda Kravat
- Amanda Kravat: "AK" CD review

Kris Kristofferson
- Kris Kristofferson And Rita Coolidge: "Full Moon (Expanded Edition)" CD review

Pete Kronowitt
- Pete Kronowitt: "A Lone Voice" CD review

Jim Kweskin
- Jim Kweskin: "Relax Your Mind" CD review

Patti LaBelle
- Patti LaBelle And The Bluebelles: "The Complete Atlantic Sides Plus" CD review

Lady Low
- Lady Low at Good Times At Davey Wayne's, Los Angeles, 11-20-14

Jimmy LaFave
- Jimmy LaFave: "The Night Tribe" CD review

Greg Lake
- Greg Lake: "Greg Lake/Manoeuvres" CD review

Greg Lake And Geoff Downes
- Greg Lake And Geoff Downes: "Ride The Tiger" CD review

Randall Lamb
- Randall Lamb: "Songs Of Freedom" CD review

Sonny Landreth
- Sonny Landreth: "Elemental Journey" CD review

Lasers Lasers Birmingham
- Lasers Lasers Birmingham: "Royal Blue" CD review

Chris Laterzo
- Chris Laterzo: "West Coast Sound" CD review

Laurie Jane And The 45s
- Laurie Jane And The 45s: "Midnight Jubilee" CD review

Matt Lavelle, John Pietaro
- Matt Lavelle, John Pietaro: "Harmolodic Monk" CD review

Lavender Diamond
- Lavender Diamond at One Colorado, Pasadena, CA 8-17-13

Josh Lederman
- Josh Lederman And The Cambridge-Somerville All Stars at The Plough And Stars, 12-13-14
- Josh Lederman And The Cambridge-Somerville All-Stars at The Plough And Stars, 6-25-16

Alvin Lee
- Alvin Lee: "Still On The Road To Freedom" CD review

Lee Harvey Osmond
- Lee Harvey Osmond: "Beautiful Scars" CD review

Leftover Cuties
- Leftover Cuties at Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles 8-21-13
- Leftover Cuties: "The Spark & The Fire" CD review

The Legal Matters
- The Legal Matters: "Conrad" CD review

Legendary Shack Shakers
- Legendary Shack Shakers: "After You've Gone" CD review

Stewart Legere
- Stewart Legere: "Quiet The Nation" CD review

The Leisure Society
- The Leisure Society: "Alone Aboard The Ark" CD review

Pat LePoidevin
- Pat LePoidevin: "American Fiction" CD review

Korby Lenker
- Korby Lenker: "Thousand Springs" CD review

John Lennon
- John Lennon & Yoko Ono: "I'm Not The Beatles" CD box set review

The Billy Lester Trio
- The Billy Lester Trio: "Italy 2016" CD review

Annie Marie Lewis
- Annie Marie Lewis: "A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas In The USA" CD review

Jerry Lee Lewis
- Jerry Lee Lewis: "The Knox Phillips Sessions: The Unreleased Recordings" CD review

The Life Of Riley
- The Life Of Riley: "The Life Of Riley" CD review
- The Life Of Riley: "Live In Hollywood At The Hotel Cafe" CD review
- The Life Of Riley: "Long Way Home EP" CD review

Lighthouse Sweden
- Lighthouse Sweden: "Silence In The City" CD review

Lightnin' Willie
- Lightnin' Willie: "No Black No White Just Blues" CD review

Mark Lindsay
- Mark Lindsay: "The Complete Columbia Singles" CD review

Peggy Lipton
- Peggy Lipton: "The Complete Ode Recordings" CD review

Little Charlie And Organ Grinder Swing
- Little Charlie And Organ Grinder Swing: "Skronky Tonk" CD review

Little Mike
- Little Mike: "How Long?" CD review

Little Richard
- Little Richard: "Directly From My Heart" CD box set review
- Little Richard: "Here's Little Richard" enhanced CD review

The Livesays
- The Livesays: "Hold On... Life Is Calling" CD review

Sam Llanas
- Sam Llanas: "4 A.M." CD review

Roch Lockyer
- Roch Lockyer: "When Frank Met Django" CD review

The Loft Club
- The Loft Club: "Heart's Desire EP" CD review

Loggins And Messina
- Loggins And Messina: "Loggins And Messina" SACD review

The Loomers
- The Loomers: "Reeling Down A Road" CD review

Lance Lopez
- Lance Lopez: "Live In NYC" CD review

Los Lobos
- Los Lobos: "Kiko 20th Anniversary Edition" CD review
- Los Lobos: "Kiko Live" CD review
- Los Lobos: "Kiko Live" DVD review

Los Lonely Boys
- Los Lonely Boys: "Revelation" CD review

Salvo Losappio
- Salvo Losappio: "Long Story Short" CD review

- Love: "Reel To Real" CD review

Love Love
- Love Love: "Love Love" CD review

The Lovin' Spoonful
- The Lovin' Spoonful: "Daydream" CD review

Ned Luberecki
- Ned Luberecki: "Take Five" CD review

Jan Luby
- Jan Luby: "Nobody's Girl" CD review

Arjen Anthony Lucassen
- Arjen Anthony Lucassen: "Strange Hobby" CD review

Zachary Lucky
- Zachary Lucky: "The Ballad Of Losing You" CD review

The Lucky Losers
- The Lucky Losers: "In Any Town" CD review

- Lulu: "The Atco Sessions 1969-1972" CD review

Lunden Reign
- Lunden Reign: "Confessions" Record Review

Barbara Lynn
- Barbara Lynn: "The Complete Atlantic Recordings" CD review

Kristen Lynn
- Kristen Lynn: "LaLa" CD review

Lynyrd Skynyrd
- Gone With The Wind: The Remarkable Rise And Tragic Fall Of Lynyrd Skynyrd DVD review

Norma MacDonald
- Normal MacDonald: "Burn The Tapes" CD review

- Macedo: "Paper Doll" CD review

Gordie MacKeeman And His Rhythm Boys
- Gordie MacKeeman And His Rhythm Boys: "Pickin' 'N' Clickin'" CD review

Brian Mackey
- Brian Mackey: "Broken Heartstrings" CD review

Madame Pamita
- Madame Pamita show review

Janiva Magness
- Janiva Magness: "Love Is An Army" CD review
- Janiva Magness: "Love Wins Again" CD review

- Magnolia: "Magnolia" CD review

Magnolia Memoir
- Magnolia Memoir at The Silverlake Lounge, 11-17-14: Photos

Malawi Mouse Boys
- Malawi Mouse Boys: "Forever Is 4 You" CD review

Michelle Malone
- Michelle Malone: "Acoustic Winter" CD review
- Michelle Malone: "Day 2" CD review
- Michelle Malone: "Slings And Arrows" CD review

The Mamas And The Papas
- The Mamas And The Papas: "The Complete Singles 50th Anniversary Collection" CD review
- The Mamas & The Papas: "A Gathering Of Flowers: The Anthology Of The Mamas & The Papas" CD review

Corinne Mammana
- Corinne Mammana: "Under An August Moon" CD review

The Mangoes
- The Mangoes: "The Mangoes" CD review

Aimee Mann
- Aimee Mann: "@#%&*! Smilers" CD review

- MarchFourth: "Magic Number" CD review

Sam Marine
- Sam Marine: "Big Dark City" CD review

Marley's Ghost
- Marley's Ghost: "Ghost Town" CD review
- Marley's Ghost: "Jubilee" CD review
- Marley's Ghost: "The Woodstock Sessions" CD review

Albert Marques Trio
- Albert Marques Trio: "Live In The South Bronx" CD review

Andrea Marr
- Andrea Marr: "Natural" CD review

Janis Martin
- Janis Martin: "The Blanco Sessions" CD review

Brent Mason
- Brent Mason: "All The Pretty Horses" CD review

Dave Mason
- Dave Mason: "The Columbia Years: The Definitive Anthology" CD review

David K. Mathews
- David K. Mathews: "The Fantasy Vocal Sessions Vol. 1, Standards" CD review

Jimbo Mathus
- Jimbo Mathus: "Band Of Storms" CD review
- Jimbo Mathus: "Blue Light" EP review
- Jimbo Mathus And The Tri-State Coalition at The Echo, 6-20-14 Concert Review
- Jimbo Mathus & The Tri-State Coalition: "Dark Night Of The Soul" CD review

Les McCann
- Les McCann: "Invitation To Openness" CD review

Paul McCartney
- Paul McCartney: "McCartney" CD review
- Paul McCartney: "McCartney II" CD review
- Paul And Linda McCartney: "Ram" CD review
- A MusiCares Tribute To Paul McCartney DVD review

Marilyn McCoo
- Marilyn McCoo: "Solid Gold (Expanded Edition)" CD review

Anne McCue
- Anne McCue at The Hotel Cafe, 11-15-14 Concert review
- Anne McCue at The Hotel Cafe, 2-21-15 Concert Review
- Anne McCue: "Blue Sky Thinkin'" CD review
- Anne McCue: "Broken Promise Land" CD review

Kate And Anna McGarrigle
- Kate And Anna McGarrigle: "Pronto Monto" CD review

McGough & McGear
- McGough & McGear: "McGough & McGear" CD review

The McKee Brothers
- The McKee Brothers: "Moon Over Montgomery" CD review

Lori McKenna
- Lori McKenna: "Pieces Of Me" CD review

Curtis McMurtry
- Curtis McMurtry at The Hotel Cafe, 11-23-14 Concert review
- Curtis McMurtry: "The Hornet's Next" CD review

James McMurtry
- James McMurtry at The Federal Bar, 10-4-14
- James McMurtry: "Childish Things" CD review
- James McMurtry: "Complicated Game" CD review
- James McMurtry: "Live In Europe" CD review

John McNamara
- John McNamara: "Rollin' With It" CD review

Lauren Meccia
- Lauren Meccia: "Inside Your Eyes" CD review

Bill Medley
- Bill Medley: "100%/Soft And Soulful" CD review

The Mekons
- The Mekons at American Legion Hall Post 206, 9-27-16 Concert Review
- Revenge Of The Mekons DVD review

Olivia Mell
- Olivia Mell And Her Band at Molly Malone's, 12-17-15 concert review

The Meters
- The Meters: "A Message From The Meters: The Complete Josie, Reprise And Warner Bros. Singles 1968-1977" CD review

The Miamis
- The Miamis: "We Deliver: The Lost Band Of The CBGB Era" CD review

- Michael-Ann: "Heavy Load" CD review

Jocelyn Michelle
- Jocelyn Michelle: "Time To Play!" CD review

Kelley Mickwee
- Kelley Mickwee: "You Used To Live Here" CD review

Frank Migliorelli And The Dirt Nappers
- Frank Migliorelli And The Dirt Nappers: "Bass, Drums, Guitars And Organs" CD review

Solitaire Miles
- Solitaire Miles: "Susie Blue And The Lonesome Fellas" CD review

Mark Christian Miller
- Mark Christian Miller: "Crazy Moon" CD review

Mingo Fishtrap
- Mingo Fishtrap: "On Time" CD review

Bob Mintzer
- Bob Mintzer: "All L.A. Band" CD review

The Minus 5
- The Minus 5: "Of Monkees And Men" CD review

Miss Tess
- Miss Tess: "Sweet Talk" CD review

Mississippi Heat
- Mississippi Heat: "Cab Driving Man" CD review

Modern Field Recordings
- Modern Field Recordings: "We Got Ur Back" CD review

Thelonious Monk
- Thelonious Monk: "Thelonious Alone In San Francisco" CD review
- Thelonious Monk Quartet: "Misterioso" CD review
- Thelonious Monk Septet: "Monk's Music" CD review
- Thelonious Monk: "The Very Best Of" CD review

The Monkees
- Davy Jones (1945 - 2012)
- Micky Dolenz and Peter Noone to do Conversation Series in New York
- The Monkees at Casino Ballroom 5-22-14 Concert Review
- The Monkees At Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, MA - 6-15-11
- The Monkees At Pantages Theatre, 9-16-16 Concert Review
- The Monkees: "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" Disc 1: Stereo Album CD review
- The Monkees: "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" Disc 2: Mono Album CD review
- The Monkees: "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" Disc 3: Raritees CD review
- The Monkees: "Changes" (1970/1994 Reissue) CD review
- The Monkees: "Daydream Believer And Other Hits" CD review
- Monkees Dream
- The Monkees Film Is Released On Criterion Collection DVD
- The Monkees: "Head" Deluxe Edition Box Set Disc 1 CD review
- The Monkees: "Head" Deluxe Edition Box Set Disc 2 CD review
- The Monkees: "Head" Deluxe Edition Box Set Disc 3 CD review
- The Monkees: "The Monkees Present Deluxe Edition" Disc 1 CD review
- The Monkees: "The Monkees Present Deluxe Edition" Disc 2 CD review
- The Monkees: "The Monkees Present Deluxe Edition" Disc 3 CD review
- The Monkees: "Revisiting The Past" CD review
- More Photos Of The Monkees At Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Ryan Montbleau
- Ryan Montbleau Band: "Growing Light" CD review
- Ryan Montbleau Band: "Heavy On The Vine" CD review

Wes Montgomery
- Wes Montgomery: "Boss Guitar" CD review
- Wes Montgomery: "In The Beginning" CD review
- Wes Montgomery: "One Night In Indy" CD review
- Wes Montgomery: "So Much Guitar!" CD review
- Wes Montgomery: "The Very Best Of" CD review

Trevor Moore
- Trevor Moore: "Drunk Texts To Myself" CD review

Paul Moran
- Paul Moran: "Smokin' B3 Volume 2: Still Smokin'" CD review

Rick Moranis
- Rick Moranis: "My Mother's Brisket & Other Love Songs" CD review

Van Morrison
- Van Morrison: Another Glorious Decade Under Review 1977-1987

Mr. Smolin
- Mr. Smolin & Double Naught Spy Car: "Heaven's Not High" CD review

The Muffs
- The Muffs: "Blonder And Blonder" CD review
- The Muffs: "Happy Birthday To Me" CD review
- The Muffs: "The Muffs" CD review

Peter Mulvey
- Peter Mulvey: "Goodbye Bob" CD review

- Murdergram Performs at Three Clubs, 10-24-13

The Mynabirds
- The Mynabirds: "Lovers Know" CD review

Jeremy Nail
- Jeremy Nail: "My Mountain" CD review

Yael Naim
- Yael Naim at The Hotel Cafe, 9-15-16 Concert Review
- Yael Naim: "Older" CD review

- Nakia: "Drown In The Crimson Tide" CD review

Kenny Neal
- Kenny Neal: "Bloodline" CD review
- Kenny Neal: "I'll Be Home For Christmas" CD review

Eliza Neals
- Eliza Neals: "10,000 Feet Below" CD review

Josh Nelson
- Josh Nelson: "The Sky Remains" CD review

The New Vision Sax Ensemble
- The New Vision Sax Ensemble: "Musical Journey Through Time" CD review

Larry Newcomb
- Larry Newcomb Quartet: "Live Intentionally!" CD review

Carrie Newcomer
- Carrie Newcomer: "Kindred Spirits: A Collection" CD review

Gary Nicholson
- Gary Nicholson: "Texas Songbook" CD review

The Nields
- The Nields at The Iron Horse Music Hall, 6-17-16 Concert Review
- The Nields Celebrate 20 Years Of Excellent Music

Willie Nile
- Willie Nile: "American Ride" CD review
- Willie Nile: "If I Was A River" CD review
- Willie Nile: "The Innocent Ones" CD review
- Willie Nile: "Positively Bob: Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan" CD review
- Willie Nile: "World War Willie" CD review

Mari Nobre
- Mari Nobre's Jazz Band: "Live And Alive" CD review

Scott Nolan
- Scott Nolan: "Silverhill" CD review

Not You
- Not You: "Misty" CD review

- NRBQ: "Happy Talk" CD review

- NRBQ: "NRBQ" CD review


- Nudie: "Everything's Different In The Night" CD review
- Nudie: "Remember This" CD review

Tim O'Brien And Darrell Scott
- Tim O'Brien And Darrell Scott: "Memories And Moments" CD review
- Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott: "We're Usually A Lot Better Than This" CD review

Kenny O'Dell
- Kenny O'Dell: "Beautiful People: CD review

- ODi: "Maslow's Songbook" CD review

- Interview With Randy O. Of Odin
- Odin at The Slidebar Rock 'N' Roll Kitchen, 6-10-17 Concert Review
- Odin at Whisky A Go Go, 4-29-17 Concert Review
- Odin at Whisky A Go Go, 4-21-18 Concert Review

The Ohio Express
- The Ohio Express: "Beg, Borrow And Steal: The Complete Cameo Recordings" CD review

Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez
- Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez: "The Deep End" CD review

Okapi Sun
- Okapi Sun at The Silverlake Lounge 4-25-14 Concert Review

Chet O'Keefe
- Chat O'Keefe: "Because Of You" CD review

Old Cabin
- Old Cabin: "Old Cabin" CD review
- Old Cabin: "Saturn Return" CD review

Old Salt Union
- Old Salt Union at Saint Rocke and The Coach House: Photos

Spooner Oldham
- Spooner Oldham, Oteil Burbridge, Billy Crain, Tammy Rogers, Marco Giovino: "The Southern Christmas Songbook & Hymnal" CD review

The Orlons
- The Orlons: "The Wah-Watusi/South Street" CD review

Aruan Ortiz
- Aruan Ortiz Trio: "Hidden Voices" CD review

Over The Rhine
- Over The Rhine: "The Long Surrender" CD review

Owen Meany's Batting Stance
- Owen Meany's Batting Stance: "Owen Meany's Batting Stance" CD review

Buck Owens
- Buck Owens: "Bound For Bakersfield 1953 - 1956: The Complete Pre-Capitol Collection" CD review
- Buck Owens: "Buck 'Em! The Music Of Buck Owens (1955-1967)" CD review
- Buck Owens: "Buck 'Em! Volume Two: The Music Of Buck Owens (1967-1975)" CD review

- Ozomatli: "Non-Stop: Mexico To Jamaica" CD review

Marta Pacek
- Marta Pacek: "Voodoo Dolls And False Alarms" CD review

The Packway Handle Band
- Jim White Vs. The Packway Handle Band: "Take It Like A Man" CD review

Chris Page
- Chris Page: "Volume Vs. Voice" CD review

Patti Page
- Patti Page: "Christmas With Patti Page (Deluxe Edition)" CD review

Alex Painter
- Alex Painter: "The Joyful Process" CD review

Palaye Royale
- Palaye Royale: "Get Higher" CD review

The Paley Brothers
- The Paley Brothers: "The Complete Recordings" CD review

Richard Palmer-James
- Richard Palmer-James: "Takeaway" CD review

Matt Panayides
- Matt Panayides: "Conduits" CD review

Pansy Divison
- Pansy Division: "Quite Contrary" CD review

Paper Beat Scissors
- Paper Beat Scissors: "Go On" CD review

Patrick Park
- Patrick Park: "Love Like Swords" CD review

Parker, Gillespie, Powell, Roach, Mingus
- Parker, Gillespie, Powell, Roach, Mingus: "The Quintet: Jazz At Massey Hall" CD review

Graham Parker And The Rumour
- Graham Parker & The Rumour: "This Is Live" DVD review

Joyann Parker
- Joyann Parker: "Hard To Love" CD review

Dolly Parton
- Dolly Parton: "Pure And Simple" CD review

Chris Pasin
- Chris Pasin And Friends: "Baby It's Cold Outside" CD review

Patrolled By Radar
- Patrolled By Radar at The Federal Bar, 6-1-11
- Patrolled By Radar at The Federal Bar, 1-23-16 Concert Review
- Patrolled By Radar at The Silverlake Lounge, 12-29-14: Photos
- Patrolled By Radar at Three Clubs, 6-24-14 concert review
- Patrolled By Radar at Three Clubs, 4-1-15 concert review
- Patrolled By Radar: "Be Happy" CD review
- Patrolled By Radar: "Cards Gifts & Caskets Vol. 1" CD review
- Patrolled By Radar: "Cool Your Jets" CD review
- Patrolled By Radar Releases New Video

Bobby Patterson
- Bobby Patterson: "I Got More Soul!" CD review

Ellis Paul
- The Day After Ellis Paul Day
- Ellis Paul at Club Passim, 6-25-16 Concert Review
- Ellis Paul at Club Passim, 12-30-16 Concert Review
- Ellis Paul at Club Passim,m 12-31-16 Concert Review
- Ellis Paul at Grant R. Brimhall Library in Thousand Oaks, 2-16-13 Concert review
- Ellis Paul at McCabe's, 10-25-14 Concert review
- Ellis Paul at McCabe's, 2-5-16 Concert Review
- Ellis Paul at McCabe's, 1-28-17 Concert Review
- Ellis Paul at McCabe's in Santa Monica 1-23-11 Concert review
- Ellis Paul at Memorial Hall, Milford, Massachusetts 3-13-16 Concert review
- Ellis Paul at The Hotel Cafe 5-24-11 Concert Review
- Ellis Paul at Thousand Oaks Library 4-18-14 Concert review
- Ellis Paul: "Chasing Beauty" CD review
- Ellis Paul Day In Boston, Massachusetts
- Ellis Paul Is Coming Back To Los Angeles
- Ellis Paul: "The Speed Of Trees" CD review
- Ellis Paul: "Sweet Mistakes" CD review
- Ellis Paul: "Translucent Soul" CD review

Tom Paxton
- Tom Paxton: "Redemption Road" CD review

Johnny Paycheck
- Johnny Paycheck: "Take This Job And Shove It: The Definitive Collection" CD review

Bill Payne, Eva Lindal, Carol Liebowitz
- Bill Payne, Eva Lindal, Carol Liebowitz: "Payne, Lindal, Liebowitz" CD review

Melissa Payne
- Melissa Payne: "High And Dry" CD review

Wendy Pedersen And Jim Gasior
- Wendy Pedersen And Jim Gasior: "We Two" CD review

Penny Blacks
- Penny Blacks: "Gold Standards" CD review
- Penny Blacks: "The Silver Screen EP" CD review

Art Pepper
- Art Pepper: "Live At Fat Tuesday's" CD review
- Art Pepper: "Neon Art: Volume One" CD review
- Art Pepper: "Neon Art: Volume Two" CD review
- Art Pepper: "Neon Art: Volume Three" CD review
- Art Pepper: "West Coast Sessions! Volume 5: Jack Sheldon" CD review
- Art Pepper: "West Coast Sessions! Volume 6: Shelly Manne" CD review
- The Art Pepper Quartet: "The Art Pepper Quartet" CD review

Cristian Perez
- Cristian Perez: "Anima Mundi" CD review

Laura Perlman
- Laura Perlman: "Precious Moments" CD review

Lucky Peterson
- Lucky Peterson: "You Can Always Turn Around" CD review

Oscar Peterson & Stephane Grappelli
- Oscar Peterson & Stephane Grappelli: "Skol" CD review

Madeleine Peyroux
- Madeleine Peyroux: "Keep Me In Your Heart For A While: The Best Of" CD review

Bill Phillippe
- Bill Phillippe: "Parade" CD review

Esther Phillips
- Esther Phillips: "Alone Again, Naturally" CD review

Myriam Phiro
- Myriam Phiro: "Voyages" CD review

- Phish: "Live Phish 20: 12-29-94" CD review

- Phranc and Peter Case at California Plaza, 8-20-11

Wilson Pickett
- Wilson Pickett: "Mr. Magic Man: The Complete RCA Studio Recordings" CD review

Chris Pierce
- Chris Pierce at The Federal Bar, 12-17-17: Photos

Jeff Plankenhorn
- Jeff Plankenhorn: "Sleeping Dogs" CD review

The Pogues
- The Pogues: "The Very Best" CD review

Joe Policastro Trio
- Joe Policastro Trio: "Pops" CD review

The Polkats
- The Polkats: "Live From Highlandtown" CD review

Steve Poltz
- Steve Poltz: "Noineen Noiny Noin" CD review

Pony Boy
- Pony Boy: "The Devil In Me" CD review

Popa Chubby
- Popa Chubby: "Big, Bad And Beautiful Live" CD review
- Popa Chubby: "Two Dogs" CD review

The Posies
- The Posies: "Failure" CD review

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
- Preservation Hall Jazz Band: "That's It!" CD review

Alan Price
- Alan Price: "Savaloy Dip" CD review

Chris Price
- Chris Price at The Federal Bar, 3-11-18 Concert Review
- Chris Price: "Stop Talking" CD review

Lloyd Price
- Lloyd Price: "This Is Rock And Roll" CD review

Professor Longhair
- Professor Longhair: "The Last Mardi Gras" CD review

- Pugwash at Molly Malone's Irish Pub, 8-28-15 Concert Review
- Pugwash: "Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends)" CD review
- Pugwash: "A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds: A Preamble Through The History Of Pugwash" CD review

Punk Is Dead
- Punk Is Dead: "One Hesher, Two Punx And A Hippy" CD review

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