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Good Things About Bad Movies List (with links)

I like watching bad movies. Some of them are actually enjoyable. Some of them, of course, are not. But writing about them is enjoyable. So that's what these reviews are about.

- 2-Headed Shark Attack  (2012)
- 3 Headed Shark Attack  (2015)
- 5-Headed Shark Attack  (2017)
- 5ive Girls  (2006)
- 13 Seconds  (2003)
- 90210 Shark Attack  (2014)
- Absolute Zero  (2006)
- Airborne  (1998)
- Airboss  (1997)
- Airboss II: Preemptive Strike  (1998)
- Airboss III: The Payback  (2000)
- Airboss 4: Eco Warrior  (2000)
- Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid  (2004)
- Attack Of The Jurassic Shark  (2012)
- Avalanche Sharks  (2013)
- Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation  (2008)
- Bates Motel  (1987)
- Bats: Human Harvest  (2007)
- Black Cat  (2006)
- Blonde And Blonder  (2008)
- Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils  (1972)
- Bloodthirst 2: Revenge Of The Chupacabras  (2005)
- Blue Demon  (2004)
- Bounty Huntress: Undercover  (2001)
- The Breaking Point  (2014)
- Children Of The Corn II: The Final Sacrifice  (1992)
- Children Of The Corn III: Urban Harvest  (1995)
- Children Of The Corn: The Gathering  (1996)
- Children Of The Corn V: Fields Of Terror  (1998)
- Children Of The Corn 666: Isaac's Return  (1999)
- Children Of The Corn: Revelation  (2001)
- Chupacabra Territory  (2016)
- Click: The Calendar Girl Killer  (1990)
- Corpse Grinders II  (2000)
- The Creeping Terror  (1964)
- Cyclone  (1987)
- Dark Reel  (2008)
- Decadent Evil  (2005)
- Decoys  (2004)
- Decoys 2: Alien Seduction  (2007)
- Demon Hunting  (2007)
- Die Fighting (2014)
- Dirty Deeds  (2005)
- Domino  (2005)
- Dr. Giggles  (1992)
- Dreamgirls  (2006)
- Drink Me  (2015)
- Druids  (2001)
- Eroddity(s)  (2014)
- Final Voyage  (1999)
- Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood  (1988)
- Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan  (1989)
- Hail Caesar  (1994)
- Halloween  (2007)
- Halloween: Resurrection  (2002)
- Hammerhead  (2005)
- Harvest Of Fear  (2004)
- Header  (2006)
- Hide  (2011)
- Horror House On Highway 5  (1985)
- Horrors Of Spider Island  (1960)
- I Know What You Did Last Summer  (1997)
- Ice Cream Man  (1995)
- Ice Spiders  (2007)
- I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer  (2006)
- I'm With Lucy  (2002)
- An Introduction To Scientology  (1984)
- Jack Frost 2: Revenge Of The Mutant Killer Snowman  (2000)
- Jason Goes To Hell - The Final Friday  (1993)
- Jason X  (2001)
- Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter  (1966)
- Jolly Roger: Massacre At Cutter's Cove  (2005)
- Kaw  (2007)
- Lake Placid 2  (2007)
- Lewis & Clark & George  (1997)
- The Loch Ness Horror  (1981)
- The Mad  (2007)
- Mega Piranha  (2010)
- Mega Shark Vs. Kolossus  (2015)
- Midnight Mass  (2003)
- Miracle Beach  (1992)
- Nail Gun Massacre  (1985)
- Night Club  (1989)
- Open Water 3: Cage Dive  (2017)
- Planet Of The Sharks  (2016)
- Psycho Cop 2  (1993)
- 'R Xmas (2001)
- Rest Stop: Don't Look Back  (2008)
- Revenge Of The Rats  (2001)
- Ripper 2: Letter From Within  (2004)
- Rottweiler  (2004)
- The Sadist With Red Teeth  (1971)
- Sand Sharks  (2011)
- Sasquatch  (2002)
- Shark Exorcist  (2015)
- Shark Hunter  (2001)
- Shark Island  (2012)
- Shark Zone  (2003)
- Shoot 'Em Up  (2007)
- Skeleton Man  (2004)
- Slaughtered (2010)
- Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast  (2011)
- Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama  (1987)
- Space Monster Gamera: Super Monster  (1980)
- St. Trinian's  (2007)
- Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens  (2015)
- Succubus: Hell-Bent  (2007)
- Supergirl  (1984)
- Surf Ninjas  (1993)
- Swamp Shark  (2011)
- This Is 40  (2012)
- Top Of The Brine  (2011)
- Tower Of Blood  (2005)
- Treasure Of The Four Crowns  (1983)
- Troll  (1986)
- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse  (2010)
- The Twilight Saga: New Moon  (2009)

Cult and Porn Book Reviews (with links)

Before the blog was retitled "Mostly Shakespeare," it was called something like "Michael Doherty's Personal Library," and was basically reviews of books that don't normally get reviewed - namely adult erotic books and crazy cult books. And even now when Shakespeare has taken over, I do occasionally go back and review some other nutty Scientology book. Why not? So here are links to all of those book reviews:

Adult, Porn, Erotica Book Reviews
- Anything For Joe  by Ann Griffin (1974)
- Blackmailed School Teacher by Lee de Pepys (1983)
- Boxed Cherries  by Jack Pine
- Daughter In Ropes And Chains  (1984)
- The Degraded Tennis Star  (1978)
- The French Teacher's Lesson  (1977)
- Raped Bitch Wife  by Donna Allen
- Roadside Sex  (1982)
- Seducing Teen-agers  (1984)
- Sex Justice  (1975)
- Sex Slave Daughter  (1983)
- The Sheriff's Delight  by John Pendleton
- Teacher's Eager Beavers  by Charles Steffen
- Teacher's Torrid Obsession  (1975)
- The Wanton Teacher  (1974)

Cult Book Reviews
- Dianetics: The Evolution Of A Science
- Dianetics: The Original Thesis
- The Problems Of Work: Scientology Applied To The Workaday World
- Rachel's Tears: The Spiritual Journey Of Columbine Martyr Rachel Scott
- Scientology: A New Slant On Life
- Scientology: The Fundamentals Of Thought
- Self Analysis
- The Way To Happiness

Shakespeare Miscellaneous Blog Entries

Here is a list of miscellaneous Shakespeare blog entries.

Thoughts On Specific Plays
- In Defense Of Edmund, Goneril And Regan
- Measure For Measure's Theme of The Corruptive Nature Of Power

Miscellaneous Entries
- Shakespeare At A Massage School In Boston
- Shakespeare Reference: Hamlet's Auto Repair
- Shakespeare Reference on Beer Packaging
- Shakespeare References In "All In The Family" Season Two
- Shakespeare References In "All In The Family" Season Four
- Shakespeare References in The Incredible Mel Brooks: An Irresistible Collection Of Unhinged Comedy DVD Box Set
- Shakespeare Short Films Request
- Shakespeare's Birthday
- Shakespeare's Birthday, 2013

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shakespeare Study

In 2010, I started reading the complete works of Williams Shakespeare. The idea started off simply enough, to read one play a month. Then I learned that the BBC had produced film versions of all thirty-seven plays, so I watched those as I went along. I started watching other film versions as well, and reading books of essays on each play. This blog didn't begin until I was well into my study. But here is a list of my blog entries related specifically to the study, along with links.

The Plays
- As You Like It (revisited)
- The Life Of Timon Of Athens
- A Midsummer Night's Dream (revisited)
- Pericles, Prince Of Tyre
- The Taming Of The Shrew (revisited)
- The Tempest (Part 1: Books)
- The Tempest (Part 2: Films and Television)
- The Tragedy Of Antony And Cleopatra
- The Tragedy Of Coriolanus
- The Tragedy Of Cymbeline
- The Tragedy Of Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark
- The Tragedy Of Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark (revisited)
- The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar
- The Tragedy Of King Lear
- The Tragedy Of King Lear (revisited)
- The Tragedy Of Macbeth (Part 1: Books)
- The Tragedy Of Macbeth (Part 2: Films and Television Programs)
- The Tragedy Of Macbeth (revisited)
- The Tragedy Of Othello, The Moor Of Venice
- The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet
- The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet (revisited)
- The Winter's Tale

Poems and Sonnets
- The Poems 
- The Sonnets

The Apocrypha
- The Birth Of Merlin Or The Childe Hath Found His Father
- Edmund Ironside
- The History Of Cardenio
- The Reign Of King Edward The Third
- Sir Thomas More
- The Two Noble Kinsmen

- Second Year Of Shakespeare Study

Shakespeare References In Print (Books, Magazines, Newspapers)

As my Shakespeare study continued, I began noticing Shakespeare references everywhere. And so I started keeping track of them, and posting blog entries detailing the references. Here is a list of those blog entries, along with links.

- Shakespeare Reference in Agatha Christie's The A.B.C. Murders
- Shakespeare Reference in American Pictures
- Shakespeare Reference in The Best Little Boy In The World
- Shakespeare Reference in Celebrity Crimes: The Dark Side Of The Limelight
- Shakespeare Reference in Darker Than Amber
- Shakespeare Reference in Desires For Youth
- Shakespeare Reference in The Entertainer
- Shakespeare Reference in Green Bananas
- Shakespeare Reference in Harvest Tales & Midnight Revels
- Shakespeare Reference in How Not To Kill Yourself
- Shakespeare Reference in Lust For Life
- Shakespeare Reference in Runaways
- Shakespeare Reference in Sarah Shankman's First Kill All The Lawyers
- Shakespeare Reference in Scientology Cult Book
- Shakespeare Reference in The Soloist
- Shakespeare Reference in Sundancing
- Shakespeare Reference in The Uncle From Rome
- Shakespeare References in Air Guitar by Dave Hickey
- Shakespeare References in Alan Hollinghurt's The Spell
- Shakespeare References in The Art Of Star Wars Galaxy
- Shakespeare References in Aunt Julia And The Scriptwriter
- Shakespeare References in The Awakening
- Shakespeare References in Beatles Book
- Shakespeare References in Beverly Clark's Wedding Toasts
- Shakespeare References in Booked To Die
- Shakespeare References in Buddy Babylon
- Shakespeare References in Can't Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes The Way We Think And Feel
- Shakespeare References in The Cavalier Case
- Shakespeare References in The Doonesbury Chronicles
- Shakespeare References in Edward: Dancing On The Edge Of Infinity
- Shakespeare References in The Essential Lenny Bruce
- Shakespeare References in Exhaustive Enquiries by Betty Rowlands
- Shakespeare References in The Fan
- Shakespeare References in Film Form by Sergei Eisenstein
- Shakespeare References in Francesca Lia Block's The Hanged Man
- Shakespeare References in Franny And Zooey
- Shakespeare References in The Further Prophecies Of Nostradamus: 1985 And Beyond
- Shakespeare References in The Glass Menagerie
- Shakespeare References in Going Down by Jennifer Belle
- Shakespeare References in Goldberg Street: Short Plays And Monologues
- Shakespeare References in The Herbal Bed
- Shakespeare References in His Picture In The Papers
- Shakespeare References in The Homecoming
- Shakespeare References in In The Boom Boom Room
- Shakespeare References in Inconceivable
- Shakespeare References in Iris And Her Friends
- Shakespeare References in Joe Haldeman's None So Blind
- Shakespeare References in John Mortimer's Rumpole Rests His Case
- Shakespeare References in Killing For Company
- Shakespeare References in Laura Denham's Have You Seen Me?
- Shakespeare References in The Letters Of Sigmund Freud
- Shakespeare References in Little Girl Lust
- Shakespeare References in Lullaby Of Murder
- Shakespeare References in Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis
- Shakespeare References in Melissa Bank's The Girls' Guide To Hunting And Fishing
- Shakespeare References in Michael White's Empty Seats
- Shakespeare References in A New England Love Story
- Shakespeare References in The Office Party
- Shakespeare References in Quotable Hollywood
- Shakespeare References in Reading Lolita In Tehran
- Shakespeare References in Remarkable Changes
- Shakespeare References in Sarah Shankman's Now Let's Talk Of Graves
- Shakespeare References in Scientology: A New Slant On Life
- Shakespeare References in Sisterhood Of Spies
- Shakespeare References in The Speed Of Sound
- Shakespeare References in The Stand-In
- Shakespeare References in Stephen Hawking: Quest For A Theory Of Everything
- Shakespeare References in Steve Martin's Pure Drivel

- Shakespeare Reference in Variety, December 2, 2014
- Shakespeare References in Magazines
- Shakespeare References in Magazines (American Journalism Review, Westways and Oregon Quarterly)
- Shakespeare References in Magazines (Cascade)
- Shakespeare References in Magazines: Cascade, Entertainment Weekly, Screen Actor, Westways
- Shakespeare References in Magazines (Cascade, Harper's Magazine, SAG-AFTRA, Westways) And One Book
- Shakespeare References in Magazines (Columbia Journalism Review and Writer's Digest)
- Shakespeare References in Magazines (The Hollywood Reporter, Variety)
- Shakespeare References in Magazines: Movieline, Premiere
- Shakespeare References in Magazines (The New Yorker, Westways, The Writer)
- Shakespeare References in Magazines (Screen Actor, Oregon Quarterly and Writer's Digest)
- Shakespeare References in Premiere, May 1999 Issue
- Shakespeare References in Writer's Digest
- Shakespeare References in Writer's Digest, Part 2
- Shakespeare References in Writer's Digest, Part 3

- Shakespeare in the L.A. Weekly, June 2013
- Shakespeare on Cover of LA Weekly
- Shakespeare References in the May 10-16, 2013 issue of L.A. Weekly

- Shakespeare Reference in Monty Python Calendar

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shakespeare Book, Film, DVD and Theatre Reviews

Here is a list of the Shakespeare film, DVD and theatre reviews that I've posted on my Mostly Shakespeare blog. I've also posted a lot of entries detailing Shakespeare references in various media, and those will be indexed elsewhere.

- All's Well That Ends Well, Airmont Shakespeare Classics Edition
- The Lodger Shakespeare: His Life On Silver Street
- Romeo And Juliet Novels for Young Teens
- Shakespeare On Theatre
- William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope
- William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back: Star Wars Part The Fifth
- William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return
- William Shakespeare's The Phantom Of Menace
- William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh
- William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken

Films, DVDs
- All's Well That Ends Well (2011) DVD Review
- As You Like It (2010) DVD Review
- The Comedy Of Errors (1989) DVD Review
- Duel Scene From Macbeth (1905) DVD Review
- Hamlet (1969) DVD Review
- Hamlet (2000) DVD Review
- Hamlet (2009) DVD Review
- Johnny Hamlet (1968) DVD Review
- King Lear (1910) DVD Review
- King Lear (1916) DVD review
- King Lear (1974) DVD Review
- King Lear (1984) DVD Review
- Kiss Me Kate (1953) DVD Review
- The Life And Death Of King Richard III (1912) DVD Review
- Macbeth (1948) DVD Review
- Macbeth (2006) DVD Review
- The Merchant Of Venice (1973) DVD Review
- A Midsummer Night's Dream (1909) DVD Review
- A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935) DVD Review
- A Midsummer Night's Dream (1968) DVD Review
- A Midsummer Night's Dream (1996) DVD Review
- A Midsummer Night's Dream (2005) DVD review
- Private Romeo (2011) DVD Review
- Rocket Book Presents: Romeo & Juliet (2005) DVD Review
- Romeo And Juliet (1954) DVD Review
- Romeo And Juliet (2013) DVD Review
- Romeo And Juliet In Yiddish DVD review
- Romeo And Juliet: Sealed With A Kiss DVD Review
- Romeo Must Die (2000) DVD Review
- Romeo Turns Bandit (1910) DVD Review
- Royal Deceit (1994) DVD Review
- Shakespeare The Animated Tales: A Midsummer Night's Dream (1992) DVD review
- Shakespeare The Animated Tales: The Taming Of The Shrew (1994) DVD review
- The Taming Of The Shrew (1908) DVD review
- The Taming Of The Shrew (1929) DVD review
- The Taming Of The Shrew (1976) DVD review
- The Taming Of The Shrew (2005) DVD review
- A Thousand Acres (1997) DVD Review
- Tromeo And Juliet (1996) DVD review
- Twelfth Night (2013) DVD Review
- Were The World Mine (A Look At How Shakespeare Is Used In This Film)
- Yellow Sky (1948) DVD Review

Music (CDs)
- O Baby Mine: Sing A Song Of Shakespeare CD review

- All's Well That Ends Well (Shakespeare By The Sea, 2013) 
- As You Like It (Independent Shakespeare Company, 2013)
- Cymbeline (Shakespeare By The Sea 2016 Production)
- Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark (Shakespeare By The Sea 2014 Production)
- Henry V (2nd Stage, 2014)
- Henry V (A Noise Within's 2018 Production)
- Julius Caesar: A Staged Reading at City Hall (2018)
- King John (Shakespeare By The Sea, 2013)
- King Lear (A Noise Within's 2017 Production)
- Love's Labour's Lost (Coeurage Theatre Company, 2013)
- Macbeth (Independent Shakespeare Company, 2013)
- Macbeth (A Noise Within's 2014 Production)
- Measure For Measure (Independent Shakespeare Company's 2017 Production)
- Othello (Shakespeare By The Sea 2016 Production)
- Richard III (Independent Shakespeare Company 2016 Production)
- R + J Equal Love (Inner Circle Theatre 2014 Production)
- Romeo And Juliet (Independent Shakespeare Company 2014 Production)
- Romeo And Juliet (Shakespeare Center Of Los Angeles 2014 Production)
- Shakespeare, His Wife And The Dog (2018 Production)
- Shakespeare Unscripted (Impro Theatre 2014 Production)
- The Taming Of The Shrew (Independent Shakespeare Company 2014 Production)
- The Taming Of The Shrew (Shakespeare By The Sea's 2017 Production)
- The Tempest (Independent Shakespeare Company's 2016 Production)
- The Tempest (A Noise Within's 2014 Production)
- Tempest Redux (2016 Production)
- Twelfth Night Or What You Will (Independent Shakespeare Company 2014 Production)
- Twelfth Night (Parson's Nose Theater 2018 Production)
- The Two Gentlemen Of Verona (Independent Shakespeare Company 2017 Production)

Complete List of Music Reviews, A-D (with links)

I've been keeping a list of all my articles, with links to each of them.  Because of its length, I am splitting the list into several blog entries.  This covers bands and artists A-G.  I will be adding to these each time I post a review.


The 3.5.7 Ensemble
- The 3.5.7 Ensemble: "Amongst The Smokestacks And Steeples" CD review

3 Leg Torso
- 3 Leg Torso: "Animals & Cannibals" CD review

6 String Drag
- 6 String Drag: "Top Of The World" CD review

7 Walkers
- 7 Walkers: "7 Walkers" CD review

61 Ghosts
- 61 Ghosts: "...To The Edge" CD review

10,000 Maniacs
- 10,000 Maniacs: "Playing Favorites" CD review
- 10,000 Maniacs: "Twice Told Tales" CD review

Rez Abbasi
- Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet: "Intents And Purposes" CD review

Amanda Abizaid
- Amanda Abizaid: "Walking In Twos" CD review

Mick Abrahams
- Mick Abrahams: "Revived!" CD review

Acting Natural
- Acting Natural: "Acting Natural" CD review

The Ad Libs
- The Ad Libs: "The Complete Blue Cat Recordings" CD review

Terry Adams
- Terry Adams: "Talk Thelonious" CD review

Cannonball Adderley
- Cannonball Adderley with Bill Evans: "Know What I Mean?" CD review
- Cannonball Adderley with Milt Jackson: "Things Are Getting Better" CD review
- Cannonball Adderley: "The Vest Best Of" CD review

Adam Aijala & Ben Kaufmann
- Adam Aijala & Ben Kaufmann: "Live At The Old Town School Of Folk Music" CD review

Air Supply
- Air Supply: "The Columbia And Arista Years: The Definitive Collection" CD review

Air Traffic Controller
- Air Traffic Controller at The Bull Run, 6-16-16 Concert Review
- Air Traffic Controller at The Sinclair, Cambridge 3-12-16: Photos

The Alabama State Troupers
- The Alabama State Troupers: "Road Show" CD review

Keith Allison
- Keith Allison: "In Action/The Complete Columbia Sides Plus" CD review

Dave Alvin And Phil Alvin
- Dave Alvin And Phil Alvin at The Federal Bar, 8-3-14 Concert Review
- Dave Alvin And Phil Alvin: "Common Ground" CD review

Dave Alvin And Jimmie Dale Gilmore
- Dave Alvin And Jimmie Dale Gilmore at The Federal Bar, 5-27-18 Concert Review

- America: "Homecoming" CD review

Rebecca Angel
- Rebecca Angel: "Jet Samba" CD review
- Rebecca Angel: "My Favorite Time Of The Years" CD review

Jason Anick And Jason Yeager
- Jason Anick And Jason Yeager: "United" CD review

Anita And The Yanks
- Anita And The Yanks: "Face The Wind" CD review

Annabelle's Curse
- Annabelle's Curse: "Hollow Creature" CD review

- Ann-Margret: "The Definitive Collection" CD review

Adam Ant
- The Blueblack Hussar DVD review

- Antioquia: "Viajero" CD review

Carmine and Vinny Appice
- Carmine & Vinny Appice: "Drum Wars Live!" CD review

- Armonite: "The Sun Is New Each Day" CD review

Eddy Arnold
- Eddy Arnold: "The Complete RCA Victor Christmas Recordings" CD review

- Asia: "Phoenix" CD review

- Auburn: "Love And Promises" CD review
- Auburn: "Mixed Feelings" CD review

Austin Lounge Lizards
- Austin Lounge Lizards: "Home And Deranged" CD review

Frankie Avalon
- Frankie Avalon: "Muscle Beach Party: The United Artists Sessions" CD review

- Aviatik: "Reconstruction/Deconstruction" CD review

The B-52s
- The B-52s: Hello!

Chet Baker
- Chet Baker: "Plays The Best Of Lerner & Loewe" CD review
- Chet Baker: "Sings - It Could Happen To You" CD review
- Chet Baker: "The Very Best Of Chet Baker" CD review

The Band Of Heathens
- The Band Of Heathens: "Sunday Morning Record" CD review

Banded Stilts
- Banded Stilts: "Little Village" CD review

- Bandzilla: "Bandzilla Rises!!!" CD review

The Bangles
- The Bangles: "Ladies And Gentlemen...The Bangles!" CD review

Banjo Nickaru And Western Scooches
- Banjo Nickaru And Western Scooches: "Get Us Out Of Fearland" CD review

Chris Barber
- Chris Barber: "Memories Of My Trip" CD review

Danny Barnes
- Danny Barnes: "Stove Up" CD review

Mike Barnett
- Mike Barnett: "Everybody Gets To Dream" CD review

Richard Barone
- Richard Barone: "Glow" CD review

Chris Barron
- Chris Barron: "Angels And One-Armed Jugglers" CD review

Mike Barth
- Mike Barth: "Dance This!" CD review

John Basile
- John Basile: "Penny Lane" CD review

The Beach Boys
- The Beach Boys: "Becoming The Beach Boys" CD review

The Beatles
- The Beatles: Their Golden Age DVD review
- Good Ol' Freda DVD review
- Magical Mystery Tour DVD review

The Beau Brummels
- The Beau Brummels: "Triangle and Bradley's Barn" CD review

Perry Beekman
- Perry Beekman: "Bewitched: Perry Beekman Sings And Plays Rodgers & Hart" CD review
- Perry Beekman: "S' Wonderful: Perry Beekman Sings And Plays Gershwin" CD review

Lindsay Bellows
- Lindsay Bellows: "Wake To Dream" CD review

Bend The River
- Bend The River: "So Long Joan Fontaine" CD review

Laura Benitez And The Heartache
- Laura Benitez And The Heartache: "Heartless Woman" CD review
- Laura Benitez And The Heartache: "With All Its Thorns" CD review

Tony Bennett
- Tony Bennett: "The Best Of The Improv Recordings" CD review
- Tony Bennett: "Isn't It Romantic?" CD review

Tab Benoit
- Tab Benoit: "Legacy: The Best Of Tab Benoit" CD review

Cindy Lee Berryhill
- Cindy Lee Berryhill: "The Adventurist" CD review
- Cindy Lee Berryhill at The Federal Bar, 11-5-17 concert review 
- Cindy Lee Berryhill at McCabe's, 4-2-17 concert review

The Mica Bethea Big Band
- The Mica Bethea Big Band: "Suite Theory" CD review

Big Head Blues Club
- Big Head Blues Club: "100 Years Of Robert Johnson" CD review

Big Shoals
- Big Shoals: "Hard Lessons" CD review

Big Star
- Big Star: "#1 Record" CD review
- Big Star: "Live In Memphis" CD review
- Big Star: "Radio City" CD review

Theodore Bikel
- Theodore Bikel: "Treasury Of Yiddish Folk & Theatre Songs" CD review

Billy Thermal
- Billy Thermal: "Billy Thermal CD review

Kwame Binea Shakedown
- Kwame Binea Shakedown: "Roots Rock N Universal Love" CD review

Birds And Arrows
- Birds And Arrows: "Edge Of Everything" CD review

Stephen Bishop
- Stephen Bishop: "Blueprint" CD review

Black Party Politics
- Black Party Politics: "Hive Mind EP" CD review

Blackfoot Gypsies
- Blackfoot Gypsies: "To The Top" CD review

Blackie And The Rodeo Kings
- Blackie And The Rodeo Kings: "Kings And Kings" CD review
- Blackie And The Rodeo Kings: "South" CD review

Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers
- Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers: "Ugetsu" CD review

The Blasters
- The Blasters: "Live 1986" CD review

Lawrence Blatt
- Lawrence Blatt: "Longitudes And Latitudes" CD review

Blimp Rock
- Blimp Rock: "Blimp Rock" CD review
- Blimp Rock: "Sophomore Slump" CD review

The Blind Boys Of Alabama
- The Blind Boys Of Alabama: "Atom Bomb" CD review
- The Blind Boys Of Alabama: "Go Tell It On The Mountain" CD review
- The Blind Boys Of Alabama: "Higher Ground" CD review
- The Blind Boys Of Alabama: "Spirit Of The Century" CD review

Erica Blinn
- Erica Blinn: "Lovers In The Dust" CD review

Blood, Sweat & Tears
- Blood, Sweat & Tears: "The Complete Columbia Singles" CD review

Blue Cheer
- Blue Cheer: "Rocks Europe" CD review

Blue James Band
- Blue James Band: "Give Me The Love or Give Me The Fight" CD review

Blue Oyster Cult
- Blue Oyster Cult at Warner Park Concert Review

Blues Image
- Blues Image: "Timeless" CD review

The Bo-Keys
- The Bo-Keys: "Heartaches By The Number" CD review

- Bombadil at The Hotel Cafe, 6-9-17 concert review
- Bombadil: "Fences" CD review
- Bombadil: "Hold On" CD review
- Bomdadil: "Metrics Of Affection" CD review
- Bombadil: "Tarpits And Canyonlands" CD review

T.S. Bonniwell
- T.S. Bonniwell: "Close" CD review

Boo Ray
- Boo Ray: "Sea Of Lights" CD review

James Booker
- James Booker: "Classified: Remixed And Expanded" CD review

Booker T. & The MGs
- Booker T. & The MGs: "Green Onions" CD review
- Booker T. & The MGs: "McLemore Avenue" CD review

The Boomtown Rats
- The Boomtown Rats: "Live Germany '78" DVD/CD review

Pat Boone
- Pat Boone: "R and B Duet Hits" CD review

Philip Boone
- Philip Boone: "A Light And A Line" CD review

David Bowie
- David Bowie: "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars" 40th Anniversary Edition CD review

Holly Bowling
- Holly Bowling: "Better Left Unsung" CD review

Paul Brady
- Paul Brady: "Hooba Dooba" CD review

Randall Bramblett
- Randall Bramblett: "The Bright Spots" CD review

Norine Braun
- Norine Braun: "Gone To The Spirits" CD review

- Bread: "The Best Of Bread" CD review

- Breakaway: "Hold With Hope" CD review

Cait Brennan
- Cait Brennan: "Third" CD review

Bridges And Powerlines
- Bridges And Powerlines: "Better" CD review

David Bromberg
- David Bromberg: "Use Me" CD review

- Brotherhood: "The Complete Recordings" CD review

Brothers Brown
- Brothers Brown: "Dusty Road" CD review

Greg Brown
- Greg Brown: "One Big Town" CD review
- Greg Brown: "One More Goodnight Kiss" CD review
- Greg Brown: "The Poet Game" CD review

Dave Brubeck
- Dave Brubeck: "The Definitive Dave Brubeck" CD review
- Dave Brubeck: "The Very Best Of Dave Brubeck: The Fantasy Era 1949-1953" CD review

Jack Bruce
- Jack Bruce (1943 - 2014)

Molly Brulé
- Molly Brulé: "The Things I Know" CD review

Tim Buckley
- Tim Buckley: "Venice Mating Call" CD review

Bullied By Strings
- Bullied By Strings show review
- Los Angeles Gets Bullied Again (Finally!)

Paul Burch
- Paul Burch: "Meridian Rising" CD review

Aaron Burdett
- Aaron Burdett: "Refuge" CD review

Hannah Burgé
- Hannah Burgé: "Green River Sessions" CD review

Burnt Out Wreck
- Burnt Out Wreck: "Swallow" CD review

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
- The Paul Butterfield Blues Band: "Got A Mind To Give Up Living: Live 1966" CD review

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José Contreras: "José Contreras" 2014 CD Review

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