Saturday, February 8, 2014

Complete List of Music Reviews, R-Z, + compilations and miscellaneous (with links)

I've been keeping a list of all my articles, with links to each of them.  Because of its length, I am splitting the list into several blog entries.  This covers bands and artists R-Z plus compilations and miscellaneous articles.  I will be adding to these each time I post a review.

Eddie Rabbitt
- Eddie Rabbitt: "13 Original #1 Hits" CD review

Racoon Bandit
- Racoon Bandit: "Close Your Eyes" CD review

Raging Fire
- Raging Fire: "Everything Is Roses 1985-1989" CD review
- Raging Fire: "These Teeth Are Sharp" CD review

Kid Ramos
- Kid Ramos: "Old School" CD review

The Rascals
- The Rascals: "The Complete Singles A's And B's" CD review

The Rave-Ups
- The Rave-Ups: "Town + Country" CD review

Tina Raymond
- Tina Raymond: "Left Right Left" CD review

The RAZ Band
- The RAZ Band: "Madison Park" CD review

Bob Rea
- Bob Rea: "Southbound" CD review

Ashley Reaks
- Ashley Reads And Joe Hakim: "Cultural Thrift" CD review

Red Molly
- Red Molly: "Light In The Sky" CD review
- Red Molly: "The Red Album" CD review

Red Wanting Blue
- Red Wanting Blue at The Federal Bar, 8-3-14 Concert Review

Otis Redding
- Otis Redding: "Live On The Sunset Strip" CD review
- Otis Redding: "Lonely & Blue" CD review

The Resonant Heads
- The Resonant Heads: "This Is Getting Fun" CD review

Reverend Freakchild
- Reverend Freakchild: "Dial It In" CD review
- Reverend Freakchild: "Illogical Optimism" CD review
- Reverend Freakchild: "Preachin' Blues" CD review

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
- The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band at The Mint, 3-28-15
- The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band: "Front Porch Sessions" CD review

Emitt Rhodes
- Emitt Rhodes: "Rainbow Ends" CD review

Mick Rhodes And The Hard Eight
- Mick Rhodes And The Hard Eight: "Paradise City" CD review

Sandra Rhodes
- Sandra Rhodes: "Where's Your Love Been" CD review

Tony Rice
- Tony Rice: "The Bill Monroe Collection" CD review

Buddy Rich
- Buddy Rich: "Birdland" CD review

Don Rich And The Buckaroos
- Don Rich And The Buckaroos: "Guitar Pickin' Man" CD review

Miranda Lee Richards
- Miranda Lee Richards at Bootleg Theater, 6-7-16: Photos

Rick And The All-Stars
- Rick And The All-Stars: "The Invisible Session" CD review
- Rick And The All-Stars: "The Sighting" CD review

Ryan Rickenbach
- Ryan Rickenbach: "Stasis EP" CD review

Michael Robertson
- Michael Robertson: "All My Stories" CD review

Rockabye Baby!
- Rockabye Baby!: "Lullaby Renditions Of Grateful Dead" CD review

- Rocker-T: "The Return Of The Tru Ganjaman" CD review

- Rodina: "Home EP" CD review

The Rolling Stones
- Let's Spend The Night Together DVD review

Ronny And The Daytonas
- Ronny And The Daytonas: "The Complete Recordings" CD review

Chelle Rose
- Chelle Rose: "Blue Ridge Blood" CD review
- Chelle Rose: "Ghost Of Browder Holler" CD review

Whitney Rose
- Whitney Rose at Cody's Viva Cantina, 3-3-17 Concert Review
- Whitney Rose: "Heartbreaker Of The Years" CD review
- Whitney Rose: "Rule 62" CD review
- Whitney Rose: "South Texas Suite" CD review

Leon Rosselson
- Leon Rosselson: "Harry's Gone Fishing" CD review

Peter Rowan
- Peter Rowan: "Carter Stanley's Eyes" CD review
- Peter Rowan: "Dharma Blues" CD review
- Peter Rowan: "My Aloha!" CD review

Dave Rudolf
- Dave Rudolf: "Let It Roll" CD review

David Ruffin
- David Ruffin: "David Ruffin/Me 'N Rock 'N Roll Are Here To Stay" CD review
- David Ruffin: "My Whole World Ended/Feelin' Good" CD review

Todd Rundgren
- Todd Rundgren: "Todd" DVD review

Bobby Rush
- Bobby Rush: "Down In Louisiana" CD review
- Bobby Rush: "Porcupine Meat" CD review
- Bobby Rush With Blinddog Smokin': "Decisions" CD review

Tom Rush
- Tom Rush: "Voices" CD review

Leon Russell
- Leon Russell Is Gone

Kelley Ryan
- Kelley Ryan: "Telescope" (2017) CD Review

Mitch Ryder
- Mitch Ryder: "The Promise" CD review

Ivor S.K.
- Ivor S.K.: "Montserrat" CD review

Carol Saboya
- Carol Saboya: "Carolina" CD review

Carol Saboya, Antonio Adolfo, Hendrik Meurkens
- Carol Saboya, Antonio Adolfo, Hendrik Meurkens: "Copa Village" CD review

Rachael Sage
- Rachael Sage: "Choreographic" CD review

The Sandman's Orchestra
- The Sandman's Orchestra: "Crying For The Moon" CD review

Nicole Saphos
- Nicole Saphos: "Buzz And Bloom" CD review

Ronok Sarkar
- Ronok Sarkar: "Waiting For Alice" CD review

Merl Saunders/Jerry Garcia
- Merl Saunders/Jerry Garcia: "Keystone Companions" CD Box Set review

Jenny Scheinman
- Jenny Scheinman: "Here On Earth" CD review

Micha Schellhaas
- Micha Schellhaas: "Double Take" CD review

Sari Schorr
- Sari Schorr: "A Force Of Nature" CD review

Hilary Scott
- Hilary Scott: "Freight Train Love" CD review

Dolores Scozzesi
- Dolores Scozzesi: "Here Comes The Sun" CD review

The Searchers
- The Searchers: "Another Night: The Sire Recordings 1979-1981" CD review

The Secret Storm
- The Secret Storm: "In The Sun EP" CD review

Security Project
- Security Project: "Live 2" CD review

Evan Seligman
- Evan Seligman: "Fidelitorium 7-11 Recordings" CD review

Sid Selvidge
- Sid Selvidge: "The Cold Of The Morning" CD review

Sex Stains
- Sex Stains: "Sex Stains" CD review
- Sex Stains at American Legion Hall Post 206, 9-27-16 Concert Review

- Sexmob: "Cinema, Circus & Spaghetti" CD review

Martin Sexton
- Martin Sexton: "Black Sheep" CD review
- Martin Sexton: "Fall Like Rain" CD review
- Martin Sexton: "Sugarcoating" CD review

The Shams
- The Shams: "One And All" CD review

- Shanti: "Shanti" CD review

Dee Dee Sharp
- Dee Dee Sharp: "It's Mashed Potato Time/Do The Bird" CD review

Allan Sherman
- Allan Sherman: "For Swingin' Livers Only!" CD review
- Allan Sherman: "My Son, The Celebrity" CD review
- Allan Sherman: "My Son, The Folk Singer" CD review
- Allan Sherman: "My Son, The Nut" CD review

- Shinyribs: "I Got Your Medicine" CD review

The Shirelles
- The Shirelles: "Happy And In Love/Shirelles" CD review

Julian Shore
- Julian Shore: "Which Way Now?" CD review

Shotgun Jimmie
- Shotgun Jimmie: "Field Of Trampolines" CD review

Deborah Shulman
- Deborah Shulman: "My Heart's In The Wind" CD review

Gina Sicilia
- Gina Sicilia: "Sunset Avenue" CD review
- Gina Sicilia: "Tug Of War" CD review

Nina Simone
- Nina Simone: "Mood Indigo: The Complete Bethlehem Singles" CD review

Zoot Sims
- Zoot Sims: "Zoot Sims And The Gershwin Brothers" CD review

Frank Sinatra
- Frank Sinatra: "Ring-A-Ding Ding!" CD review
- Frank Sinatra: "The Concert Sinatra" CD review
- Frank Sinatra And Count Basie: "The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings" CD review
- Sinatra/Jobim: "The Complete Reprise Recordings" CD review

Ski Lodge
- Ski Lodge: "Big Heart" CD review

Skyline Drive
- Skyline Drive: "Topanga Ranch Motel" CD review
- Derek Thomas & Skyline Drive: "Beyond The Trestles" CD review

Steve Slagel
- Steve Slagel: "Alto Manhattan" CD review

Steve Slagel and Bill O'Connell
- Steve Slagel And Bill O'Connell: "The Power Of Two" CD review

Slow Leaves
- Slow Leaves: "Beauty Is So Common" CD review
- Slow Leaves: "Second Chances" CD review

Fred Small
- Fred Small: "I Will Stand Fast" CD review

Chris Smither
- Chris Smither: "Call Me Lucky" CD review
- Chris Smither: "Hundred Dollar Valentine" CD review
- Chris Smither: "Still On The Levee" CD review

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band
- The Smoke Wagon Blues Band: "Cigar Store" CD review

- Sneakers: "Sneakers" CD review

The Sneetches
- The Sneetches: "Form Of Play: A Retrospective" CD review

Eric Sommer
- Eric Sommer: "Brooklyn Bolero" CD review

Sonja Kristina
- Sonja Kristina: "Anthology" CD review

Sons Of The Never Wrong
- Sons Of The Never Wrong: "One If By Hand" CD review

John David Souther
- John David Souther: "Black Rose" CD review
- J.D. Souther: "Home By Dawn" CD review
- John David Souther: "John David Souther" CD review

Karen Souza
- Karen Souza: "Velvet Vault" CD review

Spanky And Our Gang
- Spanky And Our Gang: "The Complete Mercury Singles" CD review

Amy Speace
- Amy Speace: "Land Like A Bird" CD review

Speedbuggy USA
- Speedbuggy USA: "South Of Bakersfield" CD review

Gerry Spehar
- Gerry Spehar: "Anger Management" CD review

Jeremy Spencer
- Jeremy Spencer: "Jeremy Spencer" CD review

Gus Spenos
- Gus Spenos: "It's Lovin' I Guarantee" CD review

Greg Spero
- Greg Spero: "Electric" CD review

The Spongetones
- The Spongetones: "Odd Fellows" CD review

Dusty Springfield
- Dusty Springfield: "Faithful" CD review

Rick Springfield
- Rick Springfield: "Beginnings..." CD review

Chris Stamey
- Chris Stamey: "Lovesick Blues" CD review

Lyn Stanley
- Lyn Stanley: "Interludes" CD review
- Lyn Stanley: "The Moonlight Sessions Volume One" CD review
- Lyn Stanley: "The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two" CD review

Michael Stanley
- Michael Stanley: "And Then..." CD review

Ralph Stanley
- Ralph Stanley And The Clinch Mountain Boys: "The Complete Jessup Recordings Plus!" CD review

Harry Dean Stanton
- Harry Dean Stanton: "Partly Fiction" CD review

The Staple Singers
- The Staple Singers: "Amen!/Why" CD review
- The Staple Singers: "Be Altitude: Respect Yourself" CD review

Dar Stellabotta
- Dar Stellabotta: "Broke In The USA" CD review

Cat Stevens
- Yusuf/Cat Stevens at Pantages Theatre, 10-6-16 Concert Review
- Cat Stevens: "Mona Bone Jakon" CD review
- Getting A Cat Stevens Ticket

Leslie Stevens
- Leslie Stevens Band at Bootleg Theater, 6-7-16: Photos

Carleton Stone
- Carleton Stone: "Draws Blood" CD review

The Stone Hill All-Stars
- The Stone Hill All-Stars: "Away" CD review
- The Stone Hill All-Stars: "Live" CD review
- The Stone Hill All-Stars: "Wilson Comes Home" CD review

Stone River Boys
- Stone River Boys: "Love On The Dial" CD review

Stoney Spring
- Stoney Spring: "Don't Let Me Die At Coco's" CD review
- Stoney Spring: "The Natural Sweetness Of Cream" CD review
- Stoney Spring: "Right On Heliotrope!" CD review

- Stories: "Stories Untold: The Very Best Of Stories" CD review

Strangely Attractive
- Strangely Attractive Music Video

The String Cheese Incident
- The String Cheese Incident: "Rhythm Of The Road Volume One" CD review

Dave Stryker
- Dave Stryker: "Messin' With Mister T" CD review

- Stumpwaller at The Federal Bar, 1-23-16 Photos

Mason Summit
- Mason Summit: "Gunpowder Tracks" CD review
- Mason Summit: "Loud Music & Soft Drinks" CD review
- Mason Summit: "Summer Cold" CD review

Sundae + Mr. Goessl
- Sunday + Mr. Goessl: "When You're Smiling" CD review

- Supertramp: "Crime Of The Century: Deluxe Edition" CD review

Jon Svetkey
- Jon Svetkey: "This Is Now" CD review
- Jon Svetkey and Heather Quay at Main Streets Market & Cafe, Concord, MA 6-16-11 concert review

Svetlana And The Delancey Five
- Svetlana And The Delancey Give: "Night At The Speakeasy" CD review

Bettye Swann
- Bettye Swann: "The Complete Atlantic Recordings" CD review

Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs
- Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs: "Under The Covers Vol. 3" CD review

The Sweet Inspirations
- The Sweet Inspirations: "The Complete Atlantic Singles Plus" CD review

- Swingadelic: "Mercerville" CD review

Sara Syms
- Sara Syms: "Way Back Home" CD review

Andy T Band
- Andy T Band: "Double Strike" CD review

Gary Rex Tanner
- Gary Rex Tanner: "Return To Outlaw Country" CD review

Laura Tate
- Laura Tate: "Let's Just Be Real" CD review

Art Tatum
- Art Tatum: "The Art Tatum Solo Masterpieces Volume One" CD review

Chip Taylor
- Chip Taylor: "Fix Your Words" CD review

Johnnie Taylor
- Johnnie Taylor: "Taylored In Silk" CD review

Otis Taylor
- Otis Taylor: "Fantasizing About Being Black" CD review
- Otis Taylor: "My World Is Gone" CD review

Roger Taylor
- Roger Taylor: "Best" CD review
- Roger Taylor: "Fun In Space" CD review
- Roger Taylor: "Strange Frontier" CD review

Tea Leaf Green
- Tea Leaf Green: "In The Wake" CD review
- Tea Leaf Green: "Radio Tragedy!" CD review

Tennessee Jed
- Tennessee Jed: "Pimpgrass" CD review

Terceto Kali
- Terceto Kali: "Terceto Kali" CD review

The Textones
- The Textones: "Cedar Creek" CD review
- The Textones: "Midnight Mission" CD review

Thee Shambles
- Thee Shambles: "Jenny's Waltz E.P." CD review

They Might Be Giants
- They Might Be Giants: "Nanobots" CD review

Irma Thomas
- Irma Thomas: "Full Time Woman: The Lost Cotillion Album" CD review

Rufus Thomas
- Rufus Thomas: "Do The Funky Chicken" CD review

Richard Thompson
- Richard Thompson Band: "Live At Rockpalast" CD review

- Thor: "Electric Eyes" CD review

Paul Thorn
- Paul Thorn: "Too Blessed To Be Stressed" CD review
- Paul Thorn: "What The Hell Is Goin' On?" CD review

George Thorogood And The Destroyers
- George Thorogood And The Destroyers: "George Thorogood And The Destroyers" CD review
- George Thorogood And The Destroyers: "Move It On Over" CD review

The Three O'Clock
- The Three O'Clock: "The Hidden World Revealed" CD review

Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers
- Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers: "L.A.M.F. Live At The Village Gate 1977" CD review

Carl Tjader/Stan Getz
- Carl Tjader/Stan Getz: "Sextet" CD review

- Tomato/Tomato: "I Go Where You Go" CD review
- Tomato/Tomato: "Pinecones And Cinnamon" CD review
- Tomato/Tomato: "So It Goes" CD review

Nestor Torres
- Nestor Torres: "Jazz Flute Traditions" CD review

Town Mountain
- Town Mountain: "The Dead Session" CD review
- Town Mountain: "Southern Crescent" CD review

Chris Trapper
- Chris Trapper at The Center For Arts In Natick, 12-11-14 Concert review

The Traveling Wilburys
- The Traveling Wilburys: "The Traveling Wilburys Collection" CD review

- TriChromes: "Dice With The Universe" CD review
- TriChromes: "TriChromes" CD review

Trip Shakespeare
- Trip Shakespeare: "Applehead Man" CD review
- Trip Shakespeare: "Are You Shakespearienced" CD review

Steven Troch Band
- Steven Troch Band: "Rhymes For Mellow Minds" CD review

- Troyka: "Troyka" CD review

The Tubes
- The Tubes: "Young And Rich/Now" CD review

Dave Tull
- Dave Tull: "Texting And Driving" CD review

Gene Turonis (AKA Gene D. Plumber)
- Gene Turonis: "All The Pretty Girls" CD review

The Turtles
- The Turtles: "All The Singles" CD review

- Tuscadero: "The Pink Album" CD review

- UFO: "The Salentino Cuts" CD review

Uncle Lucius
- Uncle Lucius: "The Light" CD review

The Urban Renewal Project
- The Urban Renewal Project: "Local Legend" CD review

Townes Van Zandt
- Townes Van Zandt: "Sunshine Boy: The Unheard Studio Sessions & Demos 1971-1972" CD review

Jonny Two Bags
- Jonny Two Bags: "Salvation Town" CD review

Dave Van Ronk
- Dave Van Ronk: "Live In Monterey" CD review

Jenny Van West
- Jenny Van West: "Happiness To Burn" CD review

The Deanna Varagona Trio
- The Deanna Varagona Trio: "The Goodbyes Have All Been Taken, Hello" CD review

Sarah Vaughan
- Sarah Vaughan: "Live At Rosy's" CD review
- Sarah Vaughan: "Sophisticated Lady: The Duke Ellington Songbook Collection" CD review

Ray Vaughn
- Ray Vaughn: "Wounded Bird" CD review

Velvet Crush
- Velvet Crush: "Pre-Teen Symphonies" CD review

The Ventures
- The Ventures: "The Ventures' Christmas Album" CD review

Marlene VerPlanck
- Marlene VerPlanck: "The Mood I'm In" CD review

Victor And Penny
- Victor And Penny: "Electricity" CD review

Frank Vignola
- Frank Vignola And Vinny Raniolo: "Swing Zing!" CD review

Shawna Virago
- Shawna Virago: "Heaven Sent Delinquent" CD review

Vogue Dots
- Vogue Dots: "Toska" CD review

Lou Volpe
- Lou Volpe: "Remembering Ol' Blue Eyes" CD review

Porter Wagoner
- Porter Wagoner: "The Definitive Collection" CD review

- Wagons at Hotel Cafe 9-21-11 concert review
- Wagons: "Rumble, Shake And Tumble" CD review
- Henry Wagons: "After What I Did Last Night..." CD review
- Henry Wagons at Bootleg Theater, 6-7-16 Concert Review
- Henry Wagons at Bootleg Theater, 7-13-16 Concert Review
- Henry Wagons at Bootleg Theater, 2-7-17 Concert Review
- Henry Wagons: "Expecting Company?" CD review

Waiting For Henry
- Waiting For Henry: "Town Called Patience" CD review

The Waitresses
- The Waitresses: "Just Desserts: The Complete Waitresses" CD review

Seth Walker
- Seth Walker: "Sky Still Blue" CD review
- Seth Walker: "Time Can Change" CD review

Robert Rex Waller, Jr.
- Robert Rex Waller, Jr.: "Fancy Free" CD review

Steve Wariner
- Steve Wariner: "No More Mr. Nice Guy" CD Review

Johanna Warren
- Johanna Warren: "Fates" CD review

Was (Not Was)
- Was (Not Was): "Pick Of The Littler 1980 - 2010" CD review

Chris Washburne & The SYOTOS Band
- Chris Washburne & The SYOTOS Band: "Low Ridin'" CD review

Grover Washington, Jr.
- Grover Washington, Jr.: "Winelight" CD review

We Are The West
- We Are The West at 701 Santa Monica Blvd, 5-26-18 concert review
- We Are The West: "The Golden Shore" CD review

John Weeks Band
- John Weeks Band: "Dark Angel" CD review

Bob Weir
- Bob Weir: "Ace" CD review
- Bob Weir at The Wiltern, 10-10-16 Concert Review
- Bob Weir: "Heaven Help The Fool" CD review

Dustin Welch
- Dustin Welch: "Tijuana Bible" CD review

Leo Welch
- Late Blossom Blues: The Journey Of Leo "Bud" Welch DVD review
- Leo Bud Welch: "Live At The Iridium" CD review
- Leo Welch: "Sabougla Voices" CD review

Julia Weldon
- Julia Weldon: "Comatose Hope" CD review

Steve Werner
- Steve Werner at Platt Library, 4-8-17 Concert Review

Wet And Reckless
- Photos of Wet & Reckless at The Echo, 7-10-13
- Wet & Reckless Perform at Echo Park Rising

- Whalebone: "Mirabilia" CD review

Jim White
- Jim White Vs. The Packway Handle Band: "Take It Like A Man" CD review

Lauren White
- Lauren White: "Out Of The Past: Jazz And Noir" CD review
- Lauren White With The Quinn Johnson Trio: "Experiment" CD review

Beth Whitney
- Beth Whitney: "The Wild Unrest" CD review

The Whooligans
- The Whooligans: "The Whooligans" CD review

David Wilcox
- David Wilcox: "Blaze" CD review

Wilderness Road
- Wilderness Road: "Sold For Prevention Of Disease Only" CD review

Hank Williams
- Hank Williams: "The Garden Spot Programs, 1950" CD review

Keller Williams
- Keller Williams: "Bass" CD review
- Keller Williams: "Keys" CD review
- Keller Williams: "Kids" CD review
- Keller Williams With The Travelin' McCoury's: "Pick" CD review

Mason Williams
- Mason Williams: "The Mason Williams Ear Show" CD review
- Mason Williams: "The Mason Williams Phonograph Record" CD review

Rockin' Jason D. Williams
- Rockin' Jason D. Williams: "Hillbillies And Holy Rollers" CD review

Kelly Willis And Bruce Robison
- Kelly Willis And Bruce Robison: "Our Year" CD review

Dave Wilson Quartet
- Dave Wilson Quartet: "There Was Never" CD review

Jamie Lin Wilson
- Jamie Lin Wilson: "Holidays And Wedding Rings" CD review

Jesse Winchester
- Jesse Winchester: "A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble" CD review
- Jesse Winchester: "Seems Like Only Yesterday: Live In Montreal 1976" CD review

Mark Winkler
- Mark Winkler: "The Company I Keep" CD review
- Mark Winkler: "Jazz And Other Four Letter Words" CD review

Reverend Billy C. Wirtz
- Rev. Billy C. Wirtz: "Full Circle" CD review

David Wise
- David Wise: "Till They Lay Me Down" CD review

Wishbone Ash
- Wishbone Ash: "Live Dates Volume Two" CD review

Tommy Womack
- Tommy Womack: "Namaste" CD review

Wesley Woo
- Wesley Woo And The Halftime Heroes: "Fall Again" single review

Howard Wooden
- Howard Wooden: "Friends Gone By" CD review

Stephane Wrembel
- Stephane Wrembel: "Origins" CD review

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
- Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: "Collector's Edition Box Set" review

Steve Wynn
- Steve Wynn: "Sketches In Spain" CD review

Nathan Xander
- Nathan Xander: "Blue House" CD review

- David Daskal - Lead Singer Of L.A. Rock Group Xyzyx interview
- David Daskal - Singer For Los Angeles Band Xyzyx interview
- Xyzyx: "Xyzyx" CD review

Yonder Mountain String Band
- Yonder Mountain String Band at The Coach House, 3-29-18 Concert Review
- Yonder Mountain String Band at House Of Blues, West Hollywood, 4-4-15 Photos
- Yonder Mountain String Band at Saint Rocke, 3-28-18: Photos
- Yonder Mountain String Band at Troubadour, 4-7-17: Photos
- Yonder Mountain String Band: "Elevation" CD review

James Young
- James Young: "Songs They Never Play On The Radio" CD review

The Young Dubliners
- Young Dubliners: "Nine - 9 - Naoi" CD review
- The Young Dubliners Perform At Warner Park, 6-27-10

Younger Brother
- Younger Brother: "Vaccine" CD review

John Zacherle
- John Zacherle: "Monster Mash/Scary Tales" CD review

Frank Zappa
- Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention: The Lost Broadcast DVD review

Kelly Zirbes
- Kelly Z: "Rescue" Record Review

Compilations and Soundtracks
- Afterschool Special: The 123s Of Kid Soul CD review
- Bob Dylan Uncovered Vol. 2
- A Buck Dancer's Choice: A Benefit For The Rex Foundation CD review
- Cameo Parkway Holiday Hits CD review
- CBGB Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD review
- Christmas Of Hope
- Cruising Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD review
- Dazed And Confused: A Stoned-Out Salute To Led Zeppelin CD review
- Dr. Demento: Holidays In Dementia
- Funky Christmas
- Halloween Party Music CD review
- Haunted Hits: An Hour Of Scary Songs & Sounds CD review
- Highway Prayer: A Tribute To Adam Carroll CD review
- Hits Of 1984 CD review
- Honeybeat: Groovy 60s Girl-Pop CD review
- How To Stuff A Wild Bikini Original Soundtrack Album CD review
- Hulaland: The Golden Age Of Hawaiian Music CD Box Set review
- Irish Beer Drinking Favorites CD review
- Irish Drinking Songs CD review
- Jerry Jams For Rex CD review
- Jerry Jams For Rex II CD review
- Keep Calm And Salute The Beatles CD review
- Let It Snow: A Holiday Musical Collection CD review
- Link Of Chain: A Songwriters Tribute To Chris Smither CD review
- The Magical Mystery Psych Out: A Tribute To The Beatles CD review
- Meet Me At Mardi Gras
- The Monster Mash Rock 'N' Roll Party CD review
- NBC Celebrity Christmas
- O Baby Mine: Sing A Song Of Shakespeare CD review
- On Top Of Old Smoky: New Old-Time Smoky Mountain Music CD review
- Protest Rock CD review
- Reason To Believe: The Songs Of Tim Hardin CD review
- Red Hot: A Memphis Celebration Of Sun Records CD review
- Released! The Human Rights Concerts 1986-1998 CD review
- Released! The Human Rights Concerts 1986-1998 DVD review
- Remember Me Baby: Cameo Parkway Vocal Groups Vol. 1 CD review
- The Road To Jajouka CD review
- A Rock 'N' Roll Christmas CD review
- The Rocky Horror Show Original London Cast Soundtrack CD review
- Run For The Roses: Celebrating The Music Of Jerry Garcia... CD review
- Si Se Puede! CD review
- A Song For My Father CD review
- The Soul Of Designer Records box set review
- The South Side Of Soul Street CD review
- Stax Number Ones CD review
- Stoned: A Psych Tribute To The Rolling Stones CD review
- Swamp People CD review
- This Is The Town: A Tribute To Nilsson Volume 1 CD review
- Tonite Let's All Make Love In London CD review
- An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story soundtrack CD review
- Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu CD review
- The Winding Stream: The Carters, The Cashes And The Course Of Country Music CD review

 Miscellaneous Music Articles
- Adventures In Highland Park: A Night In Words And Photos
- Adventures On Record Store Day
- All Things Must Pass DVD Review
- Best Concerts Of 2011
- Black Wax Blu-ray Review
- Buy CDs (The Future Of Music Depends On You)
- Christmas Music: The Best Original Christmas Songs
- Christmas Music: Covers Of Traditional Holiday Songs
- Christmas Play List
- The Color Of Noise Blu-ray/DVD review
- Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records book review
- The Decline Of Western Civilization Collection Blu-ray box set review
- Ellnora: The Guitar Festival 2015 Lineup Includes Los Lobos and Rodrigo Y Gabriela
- The End of Record Store Day
- Everything I Know I Learned From Rock Stars: Conversations 1975-1995 book review
- Father's Day Songs
- A Few Notes From Honk! Festival 2017
- France Rocks CMJ Nights, October 19th And 20th
- George Crumb: Voice Of The Whale DVD review
- The Girl Who Didn't Like Music
- A Great Night of Music at The Hi Hat, 11-4-16
- Halloween Music: Classic Halloween Songs For A Party
- Halloween Music: Fun Songs For A Halloween Party
- Halloween Music: Song Choices For Your Halloween Party
- I Dream Of Wires DVD review
- The Kingdom Of Zydeco Blu-ray Review
- The Kinks Konspiracy Concert Review
- Kiva House Concerts Celebrates 15 Years With Special Show
- Lenny Bruce in Julian Cope Song
- Make Music Harvard Square 2017
- Meeting Henry Rollins
- Michael Doherty's Music Log Post No. 1000
- Music At Work
- Music In Boston, 2012
- Music In Boston, Winter Trip 2016-2017
- Music in Boston (And Nearby), Summer 2017
- Music In Movies: CBGB
- Music In Movies: Pirate Radio
- Music Memories From The Old Refrigerator
- Music To Take On The Road (Road Trip Mix CD Ideas)
- A MusiCares Tribute To Carole King Blu-ray review
- My Ten Favorite CDs of 2012
- My Ten Favorite CDs of 2013
- My Ten Favorite CDs of 2014
- My Favorite CDs of 2015
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